About The Trust

The Corpad master trust has been designed as a trust based Defined Contribution (money purchase) scheme to provide a straightforward solution to pension provision. It has been registered with HMRC and is available for employers to transfer existing arrangements into it or to use it for the new auto enrolment requirements.

As with conventional Defined Contribution schemes contributions can be received from both employer and employer with the employer remitting them to the Trust. However where the Master Trust differs from conventional schemes is that there is no need for the employer to have their own trustees; nor worry about updating documents or prepare pension scheme accounts. All of these are the responsibility of the Trustees of the Master Trust who will run the schemes in accordance with the Pensions Regulators guidelines (particularly in relation to his quality guidelines) and HMRC Rules.

The Trust

  • Maintains comprehensive administrative records
  • Deals with processes including collecting contributions and their investment
  • Deals with all compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Allows non associated employers to join the trust and have a “sub trust” created specific to their requirements
  • Allows employers to join by merely completing a simple deed of adherence and application form
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